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Unlock your real estate career

Turnkey School of Real Estate offers in-person and virtual live real estate pre-license courses in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin to jump start your new career.

Why choose Turnkey School of Real Estate?

You need the support and confidence to not only pass the exam, but you need to be well prepared to have a successful career as a real estate salesperson as well. The experience, passion, and attitude of our instructors in sharing real-life situations will be invaluable to your career. Our instructors bring decades of real world experience to the classroom, which in turn will help you better understand the material.

Program Benefits

Benefits ImageIn-person and live virtual classrooms
Benefits ImageEasy to follow course materials
Benefits ImageClass size lends itself to more student/instructor interaction
Benefits ImageApplication of real-life real estate scenarios.

Our Reputation

Turnkey School of Real Estate's innovative and industry-leading technology helps you learn. Stay in front of the right people at the best time, whether via a tablet, mobile phone, laptop, or other device. We can help you maximize your time.

Know that business is taken care of and enjoy room in your life for family, friends, and those interests that make you a well-rounded person.

"The virtual classroom is very easy to enter and enables one to become engaged. I have looked forward to each class and feel confident that I have been provided the knowledge to pass the testing and apply the concepts and ethics to become a successful, professional Realtor. Thank you Nicole!"

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Sue F. Arthur, IL

"I am so happy I decided to take my pre-licensing class with Turnkey School of Real Estate. My instructor was extremely knowledgeable and was able to present the material in a way that was easy to understand and remember. Her pointers for passing the exam were incredibly helpful and by the end of class I felt confident and ready to take the test."

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Alisa D. Champaign, IL

"The Turnkey School of Real Estate was a stressless path to obtaining my real estate license. The instructor, was easy to learn from, very helpful when questions were asked, and always willing to go the extra mile for his students. I would recommend Turnkey School of Real Estate to anyone who’s looking to obtain a license in real estate!"

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Dan Dachelet Wisconsin

"The instructor, knows the material inside and out. While the class is being taught he maintains a vibrant classroom environment an his in person class is recommended for any aspiring realtor. Thank You Dan!"

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Sean Mlodzik Wisconsin

"Turnkey School of Real Estate was amazing! My instructor was great and made the class interesting. I appreciated his willingness to make himself available when needed. His years of personal experience in real estate and knowledge of state law made me feel confident in preparing for the state exam. I highly recommend this class and Turnkey!"

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John Moor Indiana

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